SW – female 


As a family, we have consulted Meira regularly and have found her to be thorough and diligent in her homeopathic practice. Meira's prescriptions have helped us deal with a number of ailments successfully.

Homeopathy is our first choice for dealing with day-to-day health issues and Meira's empathy and support have been invaluable.”




JM - male 


“I first started with cluster headaches about 8 years ago completely out of the blue.  A pattern quickly set in where I would get them at the beginning of May each year and then they would stop towards the end of September.  I would get 2 attacks a day , sometimes 3 at very regular intervals. I was diagnosed quickly by our local doctor who prescribed Zomig ( Triptans.)  I sought specialist help who in addition prescribed oxygen, steroids and various other drugs to control and stop the attacks.


Frankly it did not work. The drugs would stop the attacks while I took them but they would return within a week of stopping them. The attacks got worse and worse to the point where for the last 3 – 4 years they have been constant and the intensity had increased measurably.  In addition the side effects from the drugs was also becoming a major problem.  The doctors were sympathetic but had nothing more to offer.  I tried almost anything I heard about but nothing really worked.


Then I heard about Meira and contacted her. What a difference she made. The first thing is she listened, understood and that meant so much.  Then she recommended various remedies for both the headaches and the side effects of the drugs.  Some worked, some didn’t but she never gave up and gradually things improved on all fronts.

Today I am cluster headache free  and I take virtually no drugs at all. I cannot begin to tell you what a difference this has made to my life. 

So thank you Meira”







MM (mother of DM 5 years)


"My son was diagnosed with Henoch Schonlein Purpura (abdominal pain, joint pain, rash and swelling) - there is no actual treatment for this and the hospital consultant was regularly monitoring his urine for blood and checking his routine bloods.


I am a GP myself and could see my previously robust, active child in pain, losing weight and becoming very lethargic - having to carry him home as his joints were too painful to weight bear. I knew there was no specific treatment and it was going to take time, but he was weak and suffering daily with joint pains.


I was given Meira's contact details through a relative and we had a detailed consultation about my son. A remedy was then chosen, which was given within a few days. It really was quite amazing how quickly my son improved; within the first week his rash was fading, the abdominal pain had settled and his joint pains and swelling dramatically reduced. He continued on the remedy and made a full recovery. He has had further tests at the hospital and he has no residual problems.


I can quite confidently state, as a mother and as a medical doctor, that the remedy received from Meira not only helped him recover but also prevented him having residual issues. Thank you Meira."




JG - female 


“I could not recommend Meira enough. I've been seeing Meira for about four years and I can honestly say she changed my life and helped me through lots of tricky patches.

For any physical and emotional issues, I would highly recommend seeing her."




S.J - female 


“Meira is an excellent therapist who has helped me overcome medical conditions that traditional medicine could not heal. You can feel that she puts a lot of effort and thought into every single person visiting her and always comes up with a perfect solution.”



MC - female 


"In September 2014 I started suffering from headaches, which I knew were not migraines as the symptoms were very different. The pain was around my right eye and the right side of my head. The pain would come on quickly, become excruciating and then disappear.This could happen up to eight times a day.


I visited my GP, who eventually decided it was cluster headaches. He prescribed various medications in different forms and strengths. Nothing worked. I was also starting to have side effects from the medication. In utter desperation, I contacted Meira.


Meira talked through my experience. She was understanding and showed total empathy towards my dilemma. Meira gave me one preparation for the pain and another to detox the large amount of prescribed meds.


Within one month, the headaches had subsided. I still suffered a few, but not to the degree I had previously. Two months on, I was headache free, so thank you Meira. I totally trust her judgement and treatment. "


AC - male 


"I had no idea what Homeopathy was or how it worked, to say that I was sceptical at first is an understatement, but Meira blends her knowledge, expertise and passion for Homeopathy and explains how Homeopathy works in a very understandable and logical way. I soon went from sceptic to a very satisfied patient who started out with excruciating pain in the big toe of my left foot to no pain at all.

I had been to my GP, forwarded on to hospital, given cortisone injections, all without any success. Meira gently guided me to thinking about my symptoms in a whole new way.The remedies Meira prescribed caused me to feel a well being in my mind/body that I had never experienced previously, it was truly remarkable. I would recommend Homeopathy to anyone, but more importantly Meira for her patience and knowledge of Homeopathy and what it can do for each individual that is open to its healing results."





DW - male 


“I had a longstanding problem with dry and flaking skin, which had slowly worsened over many years and which several attempts at medication had failed to halt. Less than six months after consultation with Meira, the condition had healed completely and shows no sign of recurring. Meira was very thorough in her analysis of my history and how it related to the condition. She was then creative in her approach to a cure and success speaks for itself.”