MC - female 


"In September 2014 I started suffering from headaches, which I knew were not migraines as the symptoms were very different. The pain was around my right eye and the right side of my head. The pain would come on quickly, become excruciating and then disappear.This could happen up to eight times a day.


I visited my GP, who eventually decided it was cluster headaches. He prescribed various medications in different forms and strengths. Nothing worked. I was also starting to have side effects from the medication. In utter desperation, I contacted Meira.


Meira talked through my experience. She was understanding and showed total empathy towards my dilemma. Meira gave me one preparation for the pain and another to detox the large amount of prescribed meds.


Within one month, the headaches had subsided. I still suffered a few, but not to the degree I had previously. Two months on, I was headache free, so thank you Meira. I totally trust her judgement and treatment. "

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